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Precision Computing Arts / Fastwebdev Blog
Precision Computing Arts / Fastwebdev Blog

Welcome to the Precision Computing Arts / Fastwebdev blog. We use this blog to post interesting news about our Sitebuilder web hosting and content management system (CMS). As with other blogging systems, blog articles from our system are indexed in Google and other search engines within a week or two.

(Customers can set up and maintain similar blogs on any Sitebuilder websites that we host.)

Thursday, November 26 2015
* New Features: Sitebuilder Update 4.95

Sitebuilder System Update 4.95

Sitebuilder 4.95 is available now! It offers many new features that you may want to check out, including these areas of the system:

  • Quickbar
  • CSS Animations
  • Background Videos
  • Video Banners
  • Templates / Layouts
  • Banners
  • Mobile Video / Audio
  • Blockquotes Text Style
  • Submenu Icons
  • Long Form Pages
  • Mobile Enhancements
  • Content Distribution Network (CDN)
  • Miscellaneous Updates (File Upload Sizes, Search Engine Indexing, Blogs)
  • E-Commerce Updates (SSL Certificates, Order Editing, Add to Cart Popup Overlay, Security Enhancements, Re-Order Feature, Renewal Billing Date for Subscriptions, Custom Checkout Form Restore, Quantum Gateway, USPS Realtime Shipping API Updates, Coupon Tax Collection).

As with all automatic updates, there is no extra charge for this upgrade. We hope you enjoy all the new changes!

» Read details of Site Builder System Update 4.95.

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Tuesday, January 20 2015
* New Features: Sitebuilder Update 4.91

Sitebuilder 4.91 is available now! It offers many new features that you'll want to check out, including these areas of the system: Design, Responsive Mobile/iPad, Groupboxes, Form Builder, Google Maps, Social Networking (Pinterest), One Page Checkout (Coming Soon), Upload Field on Product, Product Category Sort, Google Trusted Store, Miscellaneous E-Commerce Updates, and Payment Gateway. 

  • As with all automatic updates, there is no extra charge for this upgrade. As with all automatic updates, there is no extra charge for this upgrade. We hope you enjoy all the new changes!

» Read details of Site Builder System Update 4.91.

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Tuesday, November 05 2013
* New Features: Cool Tools / Sitebuilder System Update 4.8

New Features: Cool Tools / Sitebuilder System Update 4.8Site Builder (CoolTools) System Update 4.8 is coming soon or is already available (roll-out may take a bit of time to reach all customer websites). This update has some great new features, emphasizing general usability, blogs, menus, graphics, social networking, e-commerce and other improvements. As with all automatic updates, there is no extra charge for this upgrade. 

» Read details of Site Builder System Update 4.8.

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Tuesday, May 21 2013

Google Checkout being discontinuedGoogle recently decided to cancel their Google Checkout offering by November 2013. This affects customers who are using Google Checkout through our E-Commerce Shopping Cart systemSitebuilder websites using e-commerce will be changed to integrate both Google's preferred solution (Brain Tree Payments) and Stripe.

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Tuesday, September 20 2011
New order archiving featuresSystem Update: 4.19 - [08/25/2011]
Orders are now archived automatically in order to improve the performance of the order management area.
  • Order states of Completed, Shipped, and Cancelled will automatically be moved to the History area after 3 months. 
  • All other order states will automatically be moved to history after 6 months. 

Merchants can access these orders by clicking the History link in their order manager area or by entering the order id in the search field. 

Ecommerce reports still will reflect information for all completed and shipped orders even if the order has been archived. 


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Thursday, August 18 2011

New Features - System Update 4.18bSystem Update: 4.19 - [8/20/2011]
System Update 4.19 is available to all Precision Computing Arts/Fastwebdev web hosting clients, and it's chock full of useful and fun features, which are summarized below. If you have any questions or would like us to help you implement these features, please don't hesitate to contact us!



User accounts
The user accounts pages have been updated to make accounts easier to navigate and manage.


Tabs have been added at the top of the user accounts page that let you easily switch between the user groups and user accounts view. Navigation has been enhanced to make it easier to switch between user groups.

The user accounts details page now opens in a popup window for quick access. The selected user group checkboxes have been updated to make them easier to work with. A new link has been added to the user account detail page that lets you send a quick email to the user.

Mailing list
The site mailing list pages have been reworked to make the mailing list easier to use.

  • Updated mailing list user interface.
  • New email templates added (30+ new templates).
  • New email templates automatically include social networking links in the template.
  • Updated mailing list template user interface. You can now preview a template before selecting it.

New option to set the email "from" display name as well as a tracking code for the email. The tracking code is automatically added to links in your email. This allows you to track the effectiveness of your newsletters.

Form builder
New options at the top of the form builder make it easier to enable the contact DB and mailing list features on the form. The form builder user interface has been updated. There were a lot of options on the page which can make the form builder a bit confusing to configure. Some options have been moved into settings tabs.

Social networking
The social networking sharing icons now include the Google +1 button and LinkedIn buttons. You also now have the option to hide/display both the social widget buttons or the social icons. A new option to send a Tweet from with in the admin has been added to the marketing area. The blog manager has a direct link to send a tweet about a blog post.

Edit tabs [preview/experimental]
This update includes an experimental new site builder header. We have added an option to try out a new set of tabs at the top of the site builder to get feedback. The new set of tabs provides quick access to the new marketing/reports area as well as direct access to core ecommerce functions for store accounts. It will be easy for customers to switch between the existing tabs and the new tabs. To try this feature, select Admin > Editor Settings > Edit Tabs Style [Optmized]

Website edit header tabs

  • admin
  • view site
  • edit site
  • design
  • marketing/reports
  • help

Ecommerce edit header tabs

  • admin
  • website
  • store setup
  • products
  • orders
  • customers
  • marketing/reports
  • help

The new marketing/reports sections provides easy access to the most important markting features that are integrated with the site builder as well as quick access to statistics, search engine submission and site guides. The core marketing features, blog, mailing list, social networking settings and twitter are all included.

Misc updates

  • The view/edit tab drop down menu now includes links to the settings pages.
  • Message board no longer requires capcha when you are logged in.
  • Displayable user name for message board when user accounts/login required to post messages.
  • Updated mobile/browser detection for stats and mobile pages.
  • The drop down tab menu for edit site now includes direct links to all of the settings pages.
  • Calendar uses timezone offset.
  • Site page search now includes blog posts and HTML pages.

Media library page
Use the new media library page to create a sortable media list with embedded media player. Upload your audio/video files. The media library automatically creates a RSS feed/pod cast for the uploaded media.

Text editor
The text editor 2.0 now allows you to easily setup H1, H2, H3 tags via the style drop down. Simply select your text and click the style drop down to apply one of the header styles.


  • The blog user interface has been updated.
  • New option to save a blog post as a draft.
  • Added support for integrating Facebook comment system (enable from blog settings page).
  • Blog manager now has direct links to easily send a tweet with link for new blog posts.

Basic traffic stats

  • Basic traffic stats are now maintained for up to 3 years (this will only include stats collected after the update is installed)
  • New option to reset all your traffic stats
  • New option to reset your traffic stats referrers/search engines/keywords
  • Stats have been updated to be tracked in the site owner's local time based on their time zone setting
  • NOTE: Stats before this update will not reflect the correct timezone


  • Ecommerce reports are now displayed in the user's time zone (only applies to new orders completed after this update)
  • For products that ship in their own box, you can now set the package dimensions
  • New gateway (Moneris for US merchants)

Tell us what you think!
We are always looking to improve the quality of our services and your feedback is appreciated. If you have any ideas or suggestions, let us know.

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Friday, July 08 2011

New Features - System Update 4.18bSystem Update: 4.18b - [5/18/2011]
System Update 4.18 is available to all Precision Computing Arts/Fastwebdev web hosting clients, and it's chock full of useful and fun features, which are summarized below. If you have any questions or would like us to help you implement these features, please don't hesitate to contact us!



Animated image transition effects
Go to the design area to set up animated transition effects for your image galleries, rotators, rotating banners and content slider components.

Austrailian e-commerce updates
This feature displays the shopping cart prices/total including tax. To enable the feature, go to the "customize fields/international" settings page and check the "Use Australian VAT tax display" box.

Product ID on product catalog page
Go to the general settings page to enable the product ID display. When this option is enabled, the product ID will be displayed to the right of the product name on your product display page. There are 2 settings, one for the product category and another to display the product ID on the detail pages.

Social networking link
When the Facebook link is enabled, the Facebook like button is now displayed along with your social networking links. To configure social networking links, view your website, click the settings button and then click the social networking link on the left side of the page.


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Thursday, July 07 2011

What's New? System Update: 4.18a System Update: 4.18a - [4/28/2011]
System Update 4.18 is available to all Precision Computing Arts/Fastwebdev web hosting clients, and it's chock full of useful and fun features, which are summarized below. If you have any questions or would like us to help you implement these features, please don't hesitate to contact us!


Product zoom images
Use the new product image upload user interface to upload zoom images of your products. When a zoom images is loaded the system will display a zoomed version of the image when a visitor hovers over the main product detail image.

Bulk image import
Easily import your main product images as well as more product images. To learn more, go to the store import/export page and click the bulk image upload option.

Additional product images
It is now easier to load more product images using the new product image upload user interface.

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Wednesday, May 04 2011

New FeaturesSystem Update: 4.18 - [3/28/2011]  

The most recent System Update 4.18 is available to all Precision Computing Arts/Fastwebdev web hosting clients, and it's chock full of useful and fun features, which are summarized below. If you have any questions or would like us to help you implement these features, please don't hesitate to contact us!

Use the content slider to set up animated content sections with your own background images and text. Visitors can use arrows or page icons to navigate between slider content sections.

Edit any page, click the add button and choose the content slider from the design/layout component section.

Most newer web browsers now support the ability to download fonts, giving you more control over how your site text looks. Google has setup a font directory to easily allow you to use new fonts on your website.

In the text & styles area, you can now choose from a selection of many different font styles from the Google font directory. To choose your additional fonts, click the font drop down and click the more fonts link.

Use caution when selecting additional fonts. Adding more fonts to your site can cause your site to load slower, so be sure to only select fonts that you are using on your site.

The sidebar configuration window provides easier access to sidebar minimum width and other options. An icon has been added to the top sidebar to open up the sidebar settings window. You can set the minimum sidebar width as well as enable/disable sidebars while editing the page.

More color layout options have been added to the design library. To view more options, go to the design library, find a design and click the color icon to preview the design in many different color schemes.


  • Sidebar links mode - expandable tree format
  • Sidebar links mode - display categories as section titles
  • Option for full path navigation (breadcrumb links on top of all product pages)
  • Easier to move products/categories in and out of the hidden products area
  • Customize all labels/text for shopping cart and checkout pages
  • Configure gift certificate expiration
  • Customize css/style for the product sub category and links display

When using Firefox or Google Chrome, you can multi-select and upload files. This is useful for setting up photo galleries or uploading files via the file manager. The upload form also includes a drop box. You can select files form your computer and drag them to the drop box to automatically upload them to your website.

Get more control over your design with new layout builder designs. Customize the backgrounds, margins and padding for different areas of your layout (quickbar, logo, banner, menu bar, content areas, sidebars, footer). This is an advanced feature that requires good knowledge of web design/css.

Use the web developer tools to customize your website. This is an advanced feature that requires good knowledge of web design/css and web programming. 

  • Install custom template templates
  • Create custom layouts for products
  • Upload your own menu buttons
  • Customize your menu styles, photo gallery styles and more.

We are always looking to improve the quality of our services and your feedback is appreciated. If you have any ideas or suggestions, please let us know.

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Wednesday, December 22 2010

Credit Card Processing - Avoiding Fraud Credit card fraud can be a concern for anyone who accepts credit card payments, either in a brick-and-mortar retail setting or when selling products and services online.

Credit card processing typically uses both Credit Card Verification Value (CVV) and Address Verification System (AVS) to help prevent credit card fraud. The CVV is a three- or four-digit code on the card that indicates the user has physical access to the card. The AVS verifies that the billing address given by the buyer matches the card account holder's address. Mismatches in either CVV or AVS could indicate fraud.

This blog article addresses important issues regarding AVS and CVV and offers some tips on avoiding credit card fraud, especially with respect to online transactions. We also offer some specific details about the Site Builder (aka "Cool Tools") shopping cart e-commerce system that is available through our website hosting service.



General Advice

You will find some excellent advice in all the linked articles near the end of this post, but the quote below is quite telling:




"Always use AVS and CVV/CV2/CVC (Card Verification) on every transaction you process. This will at the very least guarantee that the card holder has the card, and it is being billed to an address registered to the card.

If possible, check each order that is processed through your website. If you come across a suspicious order, call the customer to verify who they are. If the order is extremely large or talking to them is unconvincing, request them to fax a copy of their drivers license to you, and a signed invoice. These may be a small inconvenience to some of your customers, but the cost of fraud to your business is far greater than not taking the extra steps. Most customers are happy to verify information with you, as preventing fraud is a concern of theirs as well.

Also if you can, require a signature with every package that you ship. A signature is the only way to prove proof of delivery."

Be sure there's a good explanation if the address on the credit card does not match the purchaser's address. And be particularly wary of foreign orders, especially those from Nigeria, anywhere in Africa, Indonesia, and the Philippines.

If you suspect credit card fraud, immediately contact your credit card company/merchant account gateway company for advice, and be sure to keep detailed records of all transactions and communications with the buyer and any potential victims of stolen identity.




"Cool Tools" Shopping Cart Details

If you use our "Cool Tools" shopping cart systems with a merchant account, your shopping cart system records AVS and CVV responses from your merchant account gateway, but it does not automatically decline suspicious transactions. You are responsible for analyzing transactions that come through the shopping cart. (Check with your merchant account gateway company to see whether they offer any options for making the authorization process more restrictive.)

Here is a general explanation of how our "Cool Tools" shopping cart works:




The gateway processes the card based on the merchant's settings. Our shopping cart system accepts the order if the gateway says the transaction was approved and tries to report details (such as the transaction id) about the transaction back to the merchant. All merchants should review their orders before completing them (completing tells the gateway to capture the funds reserved during the original transaction). The gateway checks CVV and AVS information if the merchant has these options as part of their merchant/gateway account. Full details would be available by viewing the transaction in the virtual terminal provided by the merchant's gateway.

To reduce the chance of being the victim of a credit card fraudster, always carefully check the Fraud Screening section of your order processing page before you complete a credit card order. A message such as the one below, along with non-matching addresses in the order's Billing Information or Shipping Information sections, could indicate potential fraud:



Fraud Screening: AVS-Card code does not match
CVV-Not Available


Note: CVV information may be unavailable for any number of reasons, none of which the shopping cart system controls.

For best protection, you need to use manual detection (e.g., checking each transaction carefully before you complete it) and set up your Gateway to be more restrictive about credit card transactions. The shopping cart system by itself cannot prevent credit card fraud.


We recommend that you checkmark Enable CVV in your shopping cart system's Store Manager (see 7. Payment Methods/Merchant Account). We also recommend that you checkmark Require Agreement/Consent CHECKBOX and enter an explanatory message such as "Please check this box to confirm your agreement to be responsible for payment on your order." in your Store Manager (see 4. Checkout Settings). You may want to display more detailed terms and conditions; this is just an example.

"Cool Tools" Shopping Cart Points to Remember
Your payment gateway (merchant account) allows you to process credit card transactions over the Internet. The merchant account/gateway interfaces with our shopping cart system. The gateway is responsible for verifying and processing the credit card orders.
Our shopping cart system does not restrict transactions based on CVV or AVS match; that is the gateway's responsibility. The shopping cart system does not screen or prevent transactions from going through (merely reports any responses from the gateway). It is the merchant's responsibility to check the records with the gateway if anything appears amiss.




General Article Links and Summaries



    • What are AVS and CVV?
    • Do I need to use AVS and CVV?
    • What type of order is it?
    • Will it make a difference in my transaction fees?
    • So besides extra fees, what good are AVS and card code?
    • How do I know what these cryptic response codes mean?
    Security / Fraud Protection FAQs (from Payment Processing Inc. (PPI))
    • How secure are PPI payment products and payment gateway?
    • How can I remove the risk of fraudulent credit card use and resulting costs to me or my customers?
    • What fraud screening does PPI offer?
    • Am I liable for fraudulent card use or chargebacks?
    • What is CW?
    • What is CVV?
    • What is AVS?
    Details about CVV Security Codes and AVS Verification Security
    Recommended best practices for preventing and responding to chargebacks.
    Per Wikipedia, a "chargeback" is the return of funds to a consumer, forcibly initiated by the consumer's issuing bank. Specifically, it is the reversal of a prior outbound transfer of funds from a consumer's bank account, line of credit, or credit card.
    Addresses 10 ways merchants can reduce credit card fraud (below) and lists top real-time payment gateway services (our "Cools Tools" shopping cart interfaces with most of these):
    1. Use Address Verification Service (AVS).
    2. Use Card Verification (CVV/CVV2).
    3. Use a Threshold Management Service.
    4. Scrutinize orders from free email accounts.
    5. Scrutinize orders with a different Ship to address than Bill to address.
    6. Scrutinize international orders / foreign credit cards.
    7. Understand that an Authorization Code does not mean the credit card is not stolen.
    8. Use an Advance Fraud Protection Service.
    9. Use a PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliant data storage service.
    10. Review and implement PCI standards policies.
    • What does a fraudulent transaction look like?
    • Businesses will always suffer more from fraud than consumers!
      (Card testing and fraudulent orders are the two main types of credit card fraud.)
    • Card testing (or carding).
    • Preventing card testing.
    • Fraudulent orders.
    • Preventing fraudulent orders.
    • Common fraudulent order flags.
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